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The famous South African poet, Mikro (Christoffel Hermanus Kühn) was born the house below and grew up on the farm Van Reenensplaas, Williston.

The writer Christoffel Hermanus Kühn was born on Van Reenens Farm, in the district of Williston, on 8th October 1903. His longing and love for his birthplace and surroundings runs like a silver thread through many of his books i,e. "Waar die Bokmakierie fluit". He was married twice and his eldest daughter is the well-known author Corlia Fourie. He held a BSc degree in agriculture and a Teacher Diploma. He was head teacher at Kuilsrivier school and lecturer at the Oudtshoorn Training College. He also was national leader of the Land Service Organisation until 1964.    

Mikro was the pseudonyme of C H Kühn. He received this nickname at the campus of the University of Stellenbosch after his excuse for coming late was that he mislaid his mikroflea. He was summarily asked to leave the lecture hall. The nickname stuck and later he used it as a pseudonyme for the hundred books written by him. He received the Hertzog prize for the books Toiings and Pelgrims. His novels Gonnakolk and Soetwater was translated for the theatre by PG du Plessis, as was the TV series Matewis and Meraai. His adventure stories from the Anglo Boer war were extremely popular, especially "Ruiter in die nag" which was made into a film. On 29th October 1957 he received the Scheepers prize for youth work.  

With the exception of Langenhoven, Mikro did more than any other author to encourage the nation to read.  

The artist is gone, but his work lives on.

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